Company history

Complete modernization of the Ingelheim subsidiary.

General refurbishment and reconstruction of the rehabilitation and orthopedic center in Mainz-Weisenau.

Acquisition of the Medishop in Mainz-Gonsenheim – with its five subsidiaries Sanitätshaus Frohnhäuser provides services and products close to home.


General refurbishment of the main store in Stadthausstr. 8.


Rental of larger business premises in Ingelheim.


Acquisition of a medical supply store in Ingelheim.

Opening of a subsidiary in the commercial district of in Mainz-Weisenau in the Jakob-Anstatt-Str. 15 and closing of the subsidiary in Mainz-Gonsenheim. In an area of approx. 2000 sqm, we offer orthopedic technology, orthopedic footwear and rehabilitation and care.


The company incorporates the craft and service of manufacturing orthopedic footwear.

July 20, 1995

By renting additional space in the same building, we are able to extend the corsetry department of the subsidiary located in Stadthausstr. 8.

September 1994

Opening of another retail subsidiary in the famous wine-producing town of Oppenheim.

August 7, 1989

Rebranding from Karl Frohnhäuser OHG to Karl Frohnhäuser GmbH.

November 1987

Opening of the first Frohnhäuser subsidiary in the commercial district of Mainz-Gonsenheim. Due to a lack of space for tailor-made orthopedics technology the company is divided into a subsidiary focusing on manufacturing bespoke orthopedic products and one selling standardized products.


Philipp Lehmann and his sister-in-law Katharina Lehmann open a new medical supply store located in Stadthausstr. 8 in Mainz.

Februar 27, 1945

The Frohnhäuser office building of the brothers Heinrich and Philipp Lehmann is completely destroyed.


Professionally qualified craftsman Friedrich Lehmann purchases the company of Karl Frohnhäuser, who moves via Heidelberg to Munich.

July 10, 1868

Professionally qualified craftsman Karl Frohnhäuser registers his company in the Register of Companies of the city of Mainz.