Orthopedic services

There is an increasing number of disorders and injuries to the active and passive musculoskeletal system. It is our task to support you in regaining and maintaining your physical activity and strength. In cooperation with the physicians and therapists involved in your treatment, we offer you solutions based on state-of-the art technology which makes everyday life easier and helps to restore your well-being. The orthopedic technology department manufactures these solutions individually to allow you an active and mobile participation in day-to-day life. We will be happy to assist you at home, in hospital or directly in one of our stores. Please feel free to contact one of our reliable expert orthopedic technicians.

Our range of services includes amongst other features:

  1. Bandages… read more
    Bandages provide various types of support: they serve in preventive or post-operative care and in the treatment of muscular tension, cramps or strains. They provide warmth and ensure equal compression. Sanitätshaus Frohnhäuser works hand in hand with health care personals to provide a personalized bandage service, bringing decades of specialized experience to the patient. It’s a medical supply store that makes no compromises when it comes to the choice of material for our customers: skin-friendly, washable elastic material forms an integral part of modern day bandaging services.
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  2. Orthotics… read more
    With its specialized orthotics care products and services, Sanitätshaus Frohnhäuser is an important pillar of post-surgical assistance. After surgery, orthotics are used for the purpose of stabilization, relief, immobilization, guidance and support. At the same time, orthotics significantly improve your mobility even in chronic disorders or incurable limitations. Sanitätshaus Frohnhäuser specialists will adapt the orthotics to your specific needs.
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  3. Prostheses… read more
    As a reliable, modern healthcare service provider, Sanitätshaus Frohnhäuser puts major emphasis on tailoring their prostheses to specific needs. These medical devices can be used to replace damaged or missing body parts. Our professionally qualified orthopedic experts focus not only on the sophistication of the functionality, but also on the visual impression of the products. We take time for consultations, measuring and further assistance to produce the best results by working closely with our customers.
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  4. Corsets and corsages… read more
    For many years, Sanitätshaus Frohnhäuser have stood out for their craftsmanship, expertise and esthetic sensitivity in the manufacture of orthopedic corsets and support corsets. Effective care always starts with a comprehensive consultation and exact measurements – be it for degenerative changes of the lumbar and thoracic spine, for osteoporosis, intervertebral disc degeneration or fractures. The same care is applied when producing casts for trunk orthotics (corsets). Generally, they are used in case of scoliosis or curvature of the spinal column.
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