Orthopedic shoe design

Medical care and appealing modern design are definitely no longer a contradiction in terms! The multiple award-winning, innovative work of our qualified professionals in orthopedic footwear and shoe technicians gives ample proof. Sanitätshaus Frohnhäuser designs and manufactures the finest footwear fulfilling specific medical requirements which ranges from an orthopedic shoe for children to fashionable, healthy products for adults. Design, material and sophisticated details clearly show that our orthopedic footwear is not just good for your feet, but also a pleasure for the eyes.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  1. Frohnletten (custom-made comfort sandals)… read more
    There was such a high demand that Sanitätshaus Frohnhäuser’s designers created new Frohnletten – the proprietory custom-made comfort sandals known as “Frohn”-sandals. Now, there is not only a wider range of colours to choose from, but also a number of exceptional new sole designs. The sandals, which are individually adapted by our experts, provide your feet with ultimate comfort and stability. Pressure marks and skin irritations are history, as each “Frohn”-sandal is designed according to your own footprint. You may order Frohnletten at any of our five subsidiaries of Sanitätshaus Frohnhäuser, while the adaptation of your “Frohn”-sandal will take place in the Mainz-Weisenau subsidiary.
  2. Exclusive shaft models… read more
    You decide what to put on your feet. You can choose the material of our exclusive shaft models from a comprehensive range. The shape will be individually adapted. Our sophisticated shaft models include all the features required for the status of an orthopedic product. We can provide for example stiffening caps or a specific adaptation of the width and height to ensure that the foot receives ideal support in terms of shape and functionality.
  3. Custom-manufacture of shoes… read more
    More and more people have converted to using custom-made shoes. And with good reason: our feet work really hard and should do so in shoes that are not only nicely shaped, but also comfortable. Our custom-made shoes are crafted from sophisticated material in a modern design. Even if you are not suffering from a particular condition, Sanitätshaus Frohnhäuser is your partner for high-quality footwear that is designed to your individual requirements.
  4. Precise orthopedic analysis… read more
    Thanks to state-of-the-art measuring technology, we can adapt our orthopedic care precisely to your specific symptoms and condition. We use pedography (measurement of foot pressure) e.g. to accurately record and evaluate the pressure distribution under the foot in static and dynamic conditions.  It shows differences in the dynamic load distribution under the foot. While in motion, the foot reacts differently. By using a pedography platform, we can obtain a picture of the exact dynamic load distribution under the foot and target those areas under excess pressure. This way, we can precisely counter pressure-induced pain. To redistribute pressure, we insert a specific pelotte.