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Holistic stroke care provides added value

Improved care for stroke patients

At the same time: savings potential of 1,193.00 euros per patient

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the following communication, we explicitly address physicians, as they are usually the first people to assist stroke patients and are most familiar with the stroke patients themselves as well as their families. Sanitätshaus Frohnhäuser is a member of rehaVital stroke research group, a community of 120 professional medical supply stores and specialist health care companies.

With this communication, we would like to provide you a quick and concise overview of the results of the current study on the rehaVital care model and pursue two different aims:

Aim No. 1: Improved care for stroke patients based on “integrated all-round care“

Aim No. 2: Cost savings thanks to an “integrated all-round care“ of 1,193.00 euros per patient.

As a member of rehaVital, the experts of Sanitätshauses Frohnhäuser know that stroke patients make better progress in regaining their capabilities if they are cared for comprehensively based on a structured care concept once they have been released from inpatient rehabilitation. Our needs-based care comprises, amongst other things, an indepth analysis of requirements, a selection of effective aids/devices and their adaptation to the respective patient’s specific requirements. It is crucial to the fulfillment of aims 1 and 2 to involve the patients in decisions and ensure a continuous support.

The current study of the rehaVital care model proves that physicians and health care providers can achieve a lot if they work closely together – it produces both the best results for the patient and a reduction of cost.

In the following, we have summarized the presentation of the study for you in a brief report:

Study on the rehaVital care model

We thank you very much for your interest.

Summary of the current study – rehaVital stroke network

People concerned:

In Germany, 270,000 people suffer a stroke every year; almost two thirds of the patients remain disabled for an extended period or will remain dependent on outside help.

These are the advantages of integrated care (360° care services):

Added value for the patients:
Reduction in falls
Reduction in pneumonias
Reduction in decubitus ulcers

Added value for the insurance companies:
With an allocation of 162.00 euros, a cost saving of a total of 1,193.00 per patient can be achieved over a care period of three years.

The desired quality of care is achieved thanks to coordination and organization. This includes the following measures:

  • Joint purchasing
  • Contract management with insurance companies
  • Quality assurance measure
  • Professional care concepts

This is what our patient-oriented care model includes:


  • Staff qualification “stroke specialist”
  • Adaptation of the process in the medical supply store
  • Set-up of an indicator system

as well as health economic modeling and adaptations of the models.

Thanks to these approaches, complications caused by the application of wrong aids can be avoided and the higher cost at the beginning can be at least offset during the course of the therapy.

The core elements of the care model are:

  • Holistic 360° recording of the requirements
  • Briefing on the correct use and significance of the use as well as motivation for complianc
  • Involvement of the patient in decisions
  • Fast supply of aids/devices
  • Systematic assistance of patients
  • If required adaptation of the provision of aids/devices
  • Refreshing of information about the correct use; renewed motivation of the patients to use the aids/devices

To ensure this, a qualified main contact person will be put in place, 24/7 on-call duty/emergency service, coordination with other service providers.

We stand for improved care for stroke patients and kindly ask you for your support.

Thank you very much.