Information for patients

We enjoy being your contact and will inform you in detail on any questions you may have. If required, we will also be happy to visit you at home and involve your family and other people who take care of you. In the following, you will find an overview with the aids and devices as well as claimable costs which we have put together for you:

Aids/devices are material, medical services. They include:

  • Prostheses and orthopedic aids/device
  • Hearing aids, incontinence and ostomy products
  • Technical products, such as application aids and inhalation devices

In which cases and who is entitled to aids/devices?

People who are insured in accordance with German Social Code, Book V (SGB V) are entitled to aids/devices, which serve the following purposes:

  • To ensure the success of the therapy
  • To prevent an imminent disability
  • To counteract a disability

Exceptions = articles of everyday use

The insuree’s right to benefits versus the health insurance is limited to the contracted prices. The health insurance is legally obliged to inform the insuree about this as well as about essential elements of the insurance policy on request.

Statutory copayment by the patient

After reaching the age of 18, insurees are obliged to make a copayment equal to 10% of the amount s/he can claim from the insurance, however a minimum of 5.00 euros and a maximum of 10.00 euros applies. For consumable aids/products, there is a copayment of 10% per package with an applicable maximum of 10.00 euros per month. The supplier (e.g. the pharmacy or medical supply store) is obliged to collect this copayment from the insuree. The health insurance will deduct this copayment from the supplier’s remuneration

Information on the insurance companies’ system of fixed prices

Since January 1, 2005, insurance companies operating in Germany have determined fixed prices for bandages, compression stockings and shoe inserts. There is no longer a unified 100% cost coverage by the insurances. This means that in addition to the statutory copayment, the patient is often also obliged to make a private copayment. The difference is not due to the price increase of the products and services, but due to the prices fixed by the insurance companies. The applicable fixed prices of the statutory health insurances are evaluated on an annual basis and adapted to the current requirements. For the insuree this means that changes in pricing may occur.

Information box:

We are your first point of contact and will inform you about aids/devices and statutory regulations. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you with handling the formalities with your health insurance.