Holistic care

Our experts will work out a comprehensive care concept for you which will connect all the different players to ensure the well-being of both the patient and their relatives. It involves much more than the simple supply of aids and devices – the concept is designed to be your safety net!

Our portfolio of services includes:

  1. Our home care services… mehr
    • Ostomy and incontinence care (draining, absorption)
    • Wound care (decubitus prophylaxis, wound care management)
    • Comprehensive service (consultation, placing of orders, supply)
    • Highly specialized, experienced experts, such as stroke advisors
  2. For customers | patients | family… read more
    • We provide easy to understand instructions (for patients and family)
    • We ease the burden (issuing of descriptions, delivery of material)
    • We visit you at home (to get a full picture of your particular situation, in case of any problems)
    • We enjoy being your personal contact (we think that direct contact is important)
  3. For your GP | hospital | nursing care service… read more
    • We document everything for you (in writing and photo)
    • We enjoy working hand in hand with you
    • We are known for comprehensive case management and structured handovers
    • We offer informative training
  4. Our activities… read more
    • For example information about our participation in the Mainz Wound Symposium, exhibitions, further education, etc.
  5. Our strength… read more
    • We have comprehensive product knowledge
    • We visit the patient at home or in nursing/retirement homes based on the prescription issued on discharge from the hospital
    • We advise patients, physicians, family and care personnel in their choice of individually adapted aids, wound care dressings and required nutrition/diet
    • We take the time to provide you with aids, wound care dressings and medical nutrition/diet requiring in-depth consultation and explanations
  6. Our target… read more
    • Our contact people ensure the safety of the patients
    • Optimized care improves life quality of the patients
    • Reduction of costs due to professional and economic use of the aids and devices