Custom-made footwear

The experts in our orthopedic footwear department will design perfectly fitted solutions for you. In doing so, we make a considerable contribution to the healing process where there are existing foot conditions or achieve a considerable reduction in pain. We only use material of the highest quality. Orthopedic footwear is one of the strengths of the Frohnhäuser medical supply stores. In our modern workshops we use our craftsmanship and experience to provide you with custom-made shoes.

Please find an overview of our custom-made shoes below:

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  2. Orthopedic shoes … read more
  3. Custom-made footwear for children … read more
  4. Custom-made sport shoes… read more

We will be pleased to offer you an individual consultation and to provide you with tailor-made footwear. We are available for you at: Tel.: 0049 6131-287110